6 Basic Don’ts for an Interview

1. Never get late.

  • It reflects your lack of Discipline.
  • It makes you defensive
  • May forget the preparation’s you made last night

2. Never dress casually.

  • Dressing will make a lot of impact about your personality
  • Don’t dress the funky way in fact dress neatly, formally and smartly.
  • Never wear the wrong combination of clothes Make the Right colour suit with proper tie and Shoes

3.Never talk too much

  • Sometime when we talk more the chances are that we may spell out something which is harmful.
  • Reply only relevant answer to the question.
  • Excessive talking may result in loss of respect.

4.Never be Negative about the outcome of an interview

  • It will make you pessimist
  • Take every interview as a challenge
  • Assume that you are good in your field
  • Back yourselves with your Education Knowledge and confidence

5.Never Share your insecurities

  • Sharing your insecurities shows your lack of Confidence.
  • Lack of handling the pressure.
  • In fact challenge your insecurities
  • Be Courageous and Brave

6.Never discuss about salary unless asked.

  • Discussing about salary shows your character, discuss only when asked.
  • If they asked about salary expectation reply politely by saying as per industry standards
  • If the salary offered is not as per your expectation take a time to explore your options


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