Crack Any Interview in 20 minutes

Here are some basic things you could do to help yourself crack any interview Come at least 30 minutes before the Interview Reach 30 minutes earlier as a cushion time in case of any type of emergencies like accidents, traffic Jams etc. To settle down in a good state of mind you need sometime. Dress[…..]

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Six Most Common Interview Questions

Facing an interview could be exciting as well as challenging at the same time as you never know what the hiring manager or the is expecting from you as an answer. One can however prepare itself with some of the most common interview questions in the industry. ‘Tell us something about yourself’ By asking this[…..]

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Challenges of HR Mangers with Employees

The best definition I could com across for Human Resource is RIGHT MAN FOR THE RIGHT JOB. Among all the Factors of Production Land, Labour, Capital and Organisation, in my Opinion the most Important factor is Labour or Humans. Human Resource can Make or Break the Organisation. A Good Human Resource can be considered as[…..]