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Challenges of HR Mangers with Employees

The best definition I could com across for Human Resource is RIGHT MAN FOR THE RIGHT JOB.
Among all the Factors of Production Land, Labour, Capital and Organisation, in my Opinion the most
Important factor is Labour or Humans. Human Resource can Make or Break the Organisation. A Good Human Resource can be considered as a blessing and a bad Manpower may be a curse for the HR Department.

The Following May be the Combinations of Human Resources.

  • Right Man for the Wrong Job
  • Wrong man for the Right Job
  • Right Man for the Right Job.

If one Makes his passion as a profession he will start Enjoying his Job, which Makes him Satisfied and he will fall under the category of Right Man for the Right Job.

The Real Challenge is How to get the Right Man for the Right Job.

The answers are many but Selecting the Manpower the HR department must consider

  • The organization’s strategic plans.
  • Cultural factors that may shape processes.
  • Historical factors that may affect occupant/employee attitudes.
  • Specific stakeholder needs.
  • Organizational resources.

The TOP 10 challenges are

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulation.
  • Leadership Development programme.
  • Change Management
  • Manpower training and development.:
  • Innovation
  • Compensation
  • Understanding Benefit Packages8. Recruiting Talented Workforce
  • Retaining Talented Workforce
  • Diversity of Employees.

Some Solutions

  • The HR Manger must fully aware about the law of land and must Comply to the rules & regulations laid down by Law of the land.Lack of knowledge of the law may end up in facings Suits, fines, penalaties and may be the demise of the company.
  • As the company Grows the change in organisation strategy is inevitable, It is the responsibility of HR department to convey change and make employees comfortable with new changes,
  • Very Less Concentration is given for the Leadership development programme where it should be mandatory for management to Conduct LDP for the future growth of any organisation.
  • To get the Maximum Productivity of the employees Regular training for Product and Soft Skills is


By Dr Mustafa Quadri


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